• A smile is an inexpensive way to Change Your Looks.

  • A smile is an inexpensive way to Change Your Looks.

  • A smile is an inexpensive way to Change Your Looks.

Dental Implants

When teeth are damaged beyond repair, it becomes inevitable to replace them. Dental implants are basically replacement roots for missing teeth. They provide strength and support to fixed or permanent replacement teeth that have already been placed to match your natural teeth such as crowns, bridges, dentures etc. This is a surgical procedure and the implants are permanently fixed on the jawbone. It is imperative for the patient to have enough jawbone and healthy gums to hold the implant in place. So obviously, proper consultation with dentist is necessary to determine whether you can opt for an implantation or not.

The root form implants are the most common type of dental implants used today. It resembles a small cylinder like screw and is made of titanium. It is placed on the jawbone and a cylinder base called abutment which acts as the base for dentures, crowns etc is attached to the implant. The success of dental implant ultimately depends on the jawbone where it is placed and they normally last a lifetime when proper care is taken.

Although a bit expensive dental implants have lot of benefits like:

  • They are permanently fixed and form a part of your body hence gives a more natural feel than denture.
  • Dental implants are highly durable and lasts for a lifetime
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants lets you speak freely without any problems
  • Normal dentures can make chewing difficult, dental implants are just like your own teeth and hence it eliminates such worries.
  • It increases your self confidence and esteem by giving back your old smile and increases comfort.

Our implant partners include Nobel Bio-care and Osstem implants who are renowned worldwide for their innovative technologies in dental implantology and aesthetic dental solutions, thus providing international standard facilities to our clients. We provide unique treatments such as:

Implant supported hybrid dentures

A denture or false teeth is a device that is specially designed to replace missing teeth. Implant supported dentures are basically over dentures that are attached to dental implants unlike a regular denture which rest on the gums. It is used in those cases where a person does not have any teeth left in the jaw, but enough jawbone to hold an implant. It is a combination of a fixed implant and a screw fixed denture. The two main techniques are:

  • The all on four full arch treatments is a typical hybrid treatment for placement of implant devices and fittings which are patented. This involves a custom bridge interface constructed of porcelain. This is used where about 6 to 12 teeth are to be replaced. Hence the chewing and biting forces are to be distributed uniformly and four dental implants are incorporated. We offer to you this trademark feature of Nobel Bio-care which is configured to provide the strongest support possible for implanted dentures.
  • The all on six is used to replace 14 teeth or more and as the name implies six implants are to be placed on the jawbone of the patient. It is a two stage procedure and the amount of implants to be placed in the first phase is determined by the condition of the jawbone. The patient will have to use a temporary denture for 6-8 months after which the second stage is done.

This is for replacing many or all teeth in the mouth. By placing four or five implants in lower and four or five implants in the upper jaw we give patients set of 28 teeth (temporary) in 24 hours and permanent teeth after 3 months. patient can start to chew food by next day.

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