• A smile is an inexpensive way to Change Your Looks.

  • A smile is an inexpensive way to Change Your Looks.

  • A smile is an inexpensive way to Change Your Looks.


Radiography has been used in dentistry for detecting hidden dental structures, cavities, malignant growth etc. A controlled burst of x-ray radiations is used to penetrate the oral structures and strikes the film or sensor. The teeth appear lighter in color whereas the infections and other changes in the tissues appear darker. The photographic film after it has been exposed to radiation has to be developed by using chemicals which is a time consuming process.

Digital imaging systems for intraoral radiography are becoming common in clinical practice. Compared has better performance in detecting oral cavities or caries in its initial stages itself. In radiology, the traditional photographic film is replaced by digital X-ray sensors. Instead of films, digital radiography uses a digital image capture device. Digital radiography provides so many advantages over conventional film that it's easy to see why practices are making the transition to digital dental X-ray systems some of which are:

  • X-ray image enhancement
  • Enhanced X-ray image quality
  • Fewer files cluttering office space
  • No chemical developers are required
  • Time and productivity savings
  • Quick image sharing
  • No more lost images
  • Easier to use than conventional radiography
  • Higher quality of care to the patients and less radiation.

The invention of phosphor plate imaging system has eliminated the need for traditional film processing in dental radiography. The phosphor storage plates can convert the existing film images into digital format seamlessly which can be integrated into a computer based network system. They have high image resolutions, wireless capabilities etc. Small and flat shaped phosphor plates maybe used as detectors for intra-oral x-ray imaging whereas large and intermediate plates are suitable for non intra-oral dental examinations. These are cost effective detector systems with even superior imaging properties compared to analogue and digital x-ray radiography.

We are the first ever to bring this revolutionary phosphor plate imaging system to the Marathwada region. We use OPG technique in radiography which has precise focus is on the jaws and the teeth which provides maximum comfort to our patients. We are also the first in India to use digital OPG machines from the renowned international brand KODAK.

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